About us

Welcome to my blog ladies and gentlemen, I’m really excited to see you here and I’m really happy that you are interested in my blog. So first of all this site is dedicated to the people who enjoy playing Dogfight 2, we also would like to invite all veteran gamers, as you know similar game was released in the past on Dendi console, after that similar game was available for playing on mobile phone and now we have flash version of the game.

This online game is pretty challenging and hard, it has pretty good opponents and they maneuver really well, we need veteran gamers in order to write decent guides where we can discuss game-related strategies, where we can talk about the ways to defeat strong opponents and things like that. It would be awesome to create pages where we could include useful tips, etc.

The game is really fun and entertaining, the game is also challenging and interesting. I remember that phone version of the game had upgrades as well, you were able to buy different modules for your airplane, you could improve your flight characters, etc. I still remember how much I loved this feature of the game, sad to see that this feature is not included in the current version of the game…

Anyway now you know that this is a fan-made blog, the blog is dedicated to Dogfight 2 and it is free to play. You know that we are looking for a veteran gamer and you know that we have plans to add more content.

If you have some questions either visit the FAQ page or send your questions directly to us via the contact form.