Controls and instructions

Controls and instructions

[spoiler title=”Phone version of the game”]
I have talked to a couple of old school gamers and very few of them remember the phone version of the game where you had the possibility to do some upgrades to your airplane.

This feature of the game was really interesting and entertaining as well because you had the interest to improve your airplane, you had this inner demand to buy new upgrades, to buy new weapons, to improve its stats, etc. This upgrade feature within the game was the main reason why people enjoyed playing it so much.

So why I’m talking about it right now? Well because I was wondering if there are any game developers out there could they build a similar game with this feature? Is it possible to bring back this legendary game?

List of upgrades was pretty decent in the previous version of the game, I remember that is had machine gun upgrade, it had engine upgrade, it had lighter fuselage, it had improved turbines, etc.

The game had tons of different gadgets, in order to buy these gadgets you had to earn cash. This cash earning system was pretty entertaining as well, you were given some amount of the money for completing different achievements, for finishing objectives and for defeating your opponents. There were so many cool options…

So guys, if you know any game developer let me know, I will do my best to bring this legendary game back to life, we can call it Dogfight 3 or something like that, should be fun!

With that being said, you know where you can find me, I’m waiting for your e-mails and I hope that we can create an amazing new version of the game sooner or later!

Dogfight 2Intro
This game looks like air combat era from World War I, there are old classic planes with a simple machine gun attached to it and your job is to defeat your opponents and complete the objective of the game. Each map has its own unique mission, each map has a specific amount of opponents and they can be either enemy aircraft or AA guns. In each case, you will have to handle the situation differently. For example: during dogfights with enemy aircrafts your stunts may include 360 degree turn, this stunt disorients enemies and they can’t see you for brief period of time, but when you play against AA gun you can’t use this stunt because it is useless, however you can use ground dive stunt against them and you will succeed. Each type of enemy unit in the game has its own unique approach.

Game menu
Dogfight 2 has pretty interesting game menu, in menu you can change settings of the game (graphics from low to high quality and controls of the game as well), you can visit high score tab and check who set another world record in the game, you can check instructions of the game and find out how you can control your plane and which buttons to use. In total all important details can be found in-game menu easily.

Now back to the gaming, when you press the play game button your start playing from the very first level, in order to unlock higher levels you will first have to finish the first one. While playing your first missions you will notice that game constantly gives you different tips, like for example what kind of stunts you should use and how, a tactic to hide your plane in clouds and become invisible for a while, how to shoot bombs, how to handle AA guns, etc. These tips are very important for beginners, make sure that you memorize all given tips because you won’t see them popping after level one.

True Dogfights
It is easy to succeed in the game if you will constantly perform different stunts and maneuvers. Try to hide from your enemies’ bullets, dodge them, avoid direct fights and always try to get back behind your enemy; this is a true dogfight and your only way to become victorious.

You know I must admit that I don’t like to read that much, I am more into watching videos and learning stuff from there. This is why I want to present you awesome video guide from YouTube, I’m pretty sure that you will learn a lot of new things from it.

Since the gamer in the video is pretty good, it can allow you to learn interesting new stuff. How to maneuver, how to shoot, how to avoid enemy’s bullets and things like that.

This video guide is beginner-friendly as well, if you are a newbie you will learn essential from it.

Take a look at this video below, let me know if it was helpful for you and let me know if you have some suggestions or ideas.

This is one of the best game out there when it comes to air battle games, it has everything that you are looking for: it has various upgrades, it has tons of different gadgets, it has machine guns, it has interesting money earning system, it has achievements and many more.

Different features of the game make it fun and entertaining, there are cool options and other stuff that will make you addicted to this online game.

I wrote one article about the past version of the game as well, you can read about it here and find out why I’m so nostalgic about it.

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Well, what are you waiting for? Start playing and do your best and who knows, maybe you will set another world record in the game and find yourself among top players in the high score tab.

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